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47 Best Practices To Make You A Better Social Media Marketer

47 Best Practices To Make You A Better Social Media Marketer

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when promoting your business on any social media network is to constantly self promote yourself or your business. Yes you’re awesome, and yes you offer amazing products and services but there is more to social media marketing than just pimping your services

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for shameless self promotion, but 80% of your time doing social media marketing should be geared towards being socially engaging and the other 20% of your time should be spent promoting.

Below are what I consider to be 47 best practices every social media marketer should do to promote their business, product or service, build a community and increase their social media engagement.

 Social Media Best Practices

  1. Make sure you have a well written profile or bio.
  2. Make sure your brand looks and feels consistent across the web.
  3. Have a professional looking profile picture and cover photo.
    1. Brands – If you are doing business as a brand feel free to use a logo for your profile image
    2. Individuals – If you are a consultant use a professional looking image of yourself.
  4. Optimize images for each network (size matters) Check out the 2016 social media image size cheat sheet.
  5. Always let people know how & where to connect with you offline
  6. If you are a business make sure you add your address in your profile.
  7. Have a strategy.
  8. Blog! If you own a business this is crucial because a blog helps drive traffic to your website.
  9. Create a content calendar to plan & schedule your social media updates.
  10. Encourage people to share your posts.
  11. Before you decide to tackle every social media network pick one or two and master those first.
  12. If your audience is on Facebook than you should be on Facebook. If they are on Twitter than guess what you should be on Twitter.
  13. If you use more than one social network to promote your business make sure you cross promote. Let your Facebook & Twitter followers know how they can find you on Instagram & Pinterest.
  14. Don’t mix business and pleasure. It is a good idea to keep personal pages separate from your professional pages.
  15. Be human.
  16. Use relevant hashtags in your posts to allow people to follow the conversation or your content.
  17. If a hashtag doesn’t exist, create one.
  18. Encourage people to follow your hashtag
  19. Capitalize on trending topics also known as newsjacking.
  20. Use bit.ly to shorten any links you need to post and share. The analytical data they give you is well worth the price of free.
  21. Post regularly and be consistent.
  22. Do not repost the same content on each social network. Each has its own language. Nobody wants to see the same exact post on every social media site they follow you on. Check out 7 Simple Best Practices for Sharing Content Across Social Networks
  23. Post when your followers are likely to be online.
  24. Don’t automate everything, spend time each day nurturing your social networks.
  25. Ask questions.
  26. Engage in online conversations
  27. Respond
  28. Have contests.
  29. Take polls
  30. Follow your customers, suppliers & competitors.
  31. Promote your clients content.
  32. Share industry secrets.
  33. Don’t spam! Post content that provides value to somebody.
  34. Don’t always talk about yourself. This is really annoying and gets old quickly. Trust me we know how great you are.
  35. Post original content.
  36. Share other people’s content (also known as curated content)
  37. Always give credit where credit is due.
  38. Comment on other people’s posts. Even your competition.
  39. Include CTA (Call to action) when you want somebody to take a desired action.
  40. Strive to become the expert or an authority in your particular field of expertise.
  41. Don’t post anything as a business or brand that could harm your business or brand.
  42. Follow the 5 steps of engagement. Listen, engage, respond, promote, repeat.
  43. Be authentic.
  44. Become a trusted source.
  45. Be Human.
  46. Don’t take negative comments personally and always respond to any comment in a timely manner.
  47. Share, Share, Share

Do you have a best practice that is not on the list? Would you care to share? I look forward to your thoughts below.

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